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Civil society urging Heads of States engagement at Rio+20


We urge all civil society to remind Heads of States of their duty to attend the UN CSD RIO+20 Summit, that will take place in Brazil on June 2012. We need their engagement and urgent implementation of sustainable policies to create a better future for us and up coming generations. Rio+20 is an outstanding opportunity for fundamental change and its importance is not only measured by the urgency of the problems it tackles but also by the highest level of attention it is given by many of the World leaders. In the challenging world of today, it is crucial that the people’s representatives engage in the Conference that fights urgent global issues such as unequal consumption, overexploitation of natural resources, increasing poverty, to stop short-sighted solutions, and the greed of companies, banks and individuals. It is urgent that together, they commit on finding strategies to promote global economic and social transitions in ways that avoid marginalization of peoples, environmental degradation, over-exploitation or pollution.

Knowing that the Heads of State take every opportunity to connect with and hear the concerns of their constituents, we urge civil society to formally express its strong wish for their leaders engagement in the Rio+20 Conference, whose goals are: to secure renewed political commitment for global Sustainable Development, assess the progress to date and the remaining gaps in the implementation of the outcomes of the major summits on sustainable development, and address new and emerging challenges. From soaring food prices to the crippling effects of climate change, our economies are now confronting the reality of years of spending beyond our financial and environmental means and millions of people are suffering and dying because of that. If we are to maintain stable societies and enjoy good lives, we can no longer sustain a widening budget gap between what nature is able to provide and how much our infrastructure, economies and lifestyles require.

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Let us all sign the Petition against evictions and for the right to housing!

The “Zero Evictions” campaign, which was inspired by World Assembly of Inhabitants, has been launched in Yaoundé by Réseau National des Habitants du Cameroun (RNHC) under the slogan, “Say no to evictions without rehousing!”

Everyone is invited to spread the word and support the campaign by signing the petition online!

Members of the local Promotions Committee for the Zero Evictions Campaign, traditional and religious authorities, and organizers of the Urban Network for Inhabitants of the 7 districts of Yaoundé took part in the campaign launch, which was covered by a number of radio and television stations, as well as local newspapers.

The agenda’s primary focus was on the petition, which serves as key document to the memorandum that will be presented to the government of the Republic of Cameroon- a memorandum which is testament to the determination of Cameroon inhabitants to put an end to all mass evictions where no adequate measures for rehousing are provided.

Read more and sign the petition on the International Alliance of Inhabitants

Petition « Don’t Gamble with Our Food »

initiative Peuples Solidaires

With the prospect of further global food crisis, this is not the time for leaders to back-out of their commitment to halving hunger. France’s President Sarkozy will host this year’s G20 meeting which could create a breakthrough in global hunger eradication – if countries agree the right actions. Make sure they do.

All countries agreed to half hunger by 2015, as set out in the millenium development goals. So far – on the whole – they’ve failed miserably. At this year’s G20 meeting, hosted by President Sarkozy in Cannes in France, the leaders of the world’s most powerful economies must take decisive action to end continuing food crisis. We know it is possible. There are no excuses. And there are very specific things they can agree to.

- Firstly the G20 can reverse 30 years of bad ‘neo-liberal’ policies which have left poor countries hungrier than ever – by investing again in the small holder farmers who are proven to be the key to food security.

- Secondly they can regulate their own financial institutions by stopping them from gambling on food stocks – a practice which creates food price flucuations. They can also make sure that their own companies are regulated to stop them from grabbing land in hungry countries, land which should be used for growing food by local people.

- Thirdly can stop using food from hungry countries for fuel – by retreating on their biofuels policies which take food out of the system and cause land grabs in hungry countries.

- And finally they can champion national and regional food banks to act as buffers in times of high prices or shortfalls.

There are almost no credible food experts in the world that disagee that these steps can help eradicate hunger.

Read more and sign the petition on Peuples Solidaires

Government: open the Rafah crossing permanently and unconditionally



A deadly siege on 1.6 million people living in Gaza has been imposed by Israel since 2006. It was partially and momentarily lifted when the revolutionary Egyptian movement ousted Hosni Mubarak and made clear that emancipation and the freedom of Palestine were joint and connected goals.

Yet today, and daily, approximately 35,000 people wait to cross the border. Meanwhile, Israeli air strikes last week on ‘the largest open air prison on earth’ killed at least 15 people, including 2 children, and injured at least 50 more. The denial of freedom of movement for Palestinian people is also an offense to the immense ongoing struggles of the Egyptian people in pursuit of human rights and dignity.

Sign the call from Gaza. Open the Rafah crossing permanently and unconditionally.

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Death threats in the Amazon: a call for support

initiative Amazon Watch

Almir Narayamoga Surui, tribal chief of the Surui people from Western Rondonia in the Brazilian Amazon and internationally-recognized indigenous rights defender who participated in an indigenous delegation to Europe last March with Amazon Watch and our allies to expose the destructive lending practices of the Brazilian National Development Bank (BNDES), is once again at high risk as he works to defend the ancestral territory of the Surui people in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. It is the same threat looming over many indigenous leaders, rural agriculturalists and environmental activists who oppose destructive development, such as illegal logging and ranching, in the Amazon. One difference in this case, however, is that Chief Almir has traveled the world and has over 3,000 friends on Facebook where he’s posted his concerns in an open letter (see below).

Read more on Amazon Watch and sign the petition

Free Somyot: urgent message to the new Thai government before July 24

We urgently call upon you to take action once more in support of Thai human rights activist and journalist Somyot Pruksakasemsuk, who has been in jail now on charges of ’lese majeste’ for 2.5 months.

Thailand has a new government since 3 July and it is essential that Somyot’s case is brought to the attention of the new Prime Minister before 24 July 2011 which is the deadline for the indictment. On that day the prosecutor has to submit the case to the court and if he fails to do so Somyot will have to be released immediately. If the case is put forward Somyot is likely to stay in jail for at least 2 years.

Take action on Clean Clothes Campaign

Europe: Urgent Action Needed: Anti-Roma Violence Prevents Roma Inclusion - Petition

On the occasion of the 40th International Roma Day and the 5th European Roma Platform, we, the undersigned organisations and individuals, denounce all forms of anti-Roma violence, including intimidation and hate speech. As the European Commission presents the long-awaited European Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies, we cannot ignore that there are Roma living in Europe today whose daily lives are threatened by violence and harassment. Recalling the past and present acts of anti-Roma violence in Europe and the threat of future incidents, we remember the victims and demand justice for all of those affected. Whether the threat comes from ordinary citizens, paramilitary groups, far-right political organisations or the hate speech of public figures, we demand that the racism and violence which undermine our common European values no longer be tolerated or ignored.

We call on the European Union and national governments to:

Swiftly and clearly condemn all acts of anti-Roma violence, recognising and denouncing their racial motivation;

Ensure prompt State response to protect Romani European citizens against threats to their security and to conduct effective investigations and prosecutions to deliver justice to victims of violent attacks;

Implement a “zero tolerance policy” for public officials engaged in hate speech or other violations of the rights of Roma.

To sign the petition, click here.

The Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions Campaign National Committee (BNC)

The broad consensus among Palestinian civil society about the need for a broad and sustained Campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) resulted in the Palestinian Call for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel that was launched in July 2005 with the initial endorsement of over 170 Palestinian organizations. The signatories to this call represent the three major components of the Palestinian people: the refugees in exile, Palestinians under occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and the subjugated Palestinian citizens of the Israeli state.

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