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Le portail rinoceros d’informations sur les initiatives citoyennes pour la construction d’un autre monde a été intégré au nouveau site Ritimo pour une recherche simplifiée et élargie.

Ce site ( constitue une archive des articles publiés avant 2008 qui n'ont pas été transférés.

Le projet rinoceros n’a pas disparu, il continue de vivre pour valoriser les points de vue des acteurs associatifs dans le monde dans le site Ritimo.

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Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND)

The Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND) was established in June 1996, with the membership of 45 network and non-governmental organization from 12 Arab countries. The initiative for establishing ANND came from a group of Lebanese and Tunisian civil society organizations that met in 1993, during one of the preparatory meetings for the International Social Development Summit that took place in Copenhagen, in 1995.

ANND is an advocacy group. Since its establishment, it has worked extensively on strengthening and shaping the role of civil society organizations in the Arab countries. Currently, ANND has three main programs :

  • development program
  • democracy program
  • globalization and trade program

In all the aforementioned areas, ANNDs’ objectives are raising awareness and building the capacities of its members and other civil society groups. It aims at achieving that through seven main strategies : research, networking, campaigning, media and communication, lobbying, capacity building of its member organizations and active participation in relevant global and local meetings and events.

Address : 14/5792 Mazraa
1105 2070 Beirut - Lebanon
Phone : +961 1 319 366
Fax : +961 1 815 636
Contact :
Website :

Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)

The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) was established in 1999 to promote democratic debate on the most important economic and social issues that affect people’s lives. In order for citizens to effectively exercise their voices in a democracy, it is necessary that they be informed about the problems and choices that they face. CEPR is committed to presenting issues in an accurate and understandable manner, so that the public is better prepared to choose among the various policy options.

Address : 1611 Conn. Ave. NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20009 - USA
Phone: (202) 293-5380
Fax: (202) 588-1356
Email: cepr AT

Centre for Policy Studies (South Africa)

The CPS is an independent policy research institution has been working since 1992 to produce research on South Africa’s, and the rest of Africa’s policies, governance and democratisation challenges.

Physical address Centre for Policy Studies, No 9 Wellington Road, Parktown, 2193 - SOUTH AFRICA
Address: P O Box 16488, Doornfontein 2028 - South Africa
Phone: (27) (11) 642 9820
Fax: (27) (11) 643 4654

DAWN Africa

Created in 1984, DAWN is a network of women scholars and activists from the economic South who engage in feminist research and analysis of the global environment and are committed to working for economic justice, gender justice and democracy.

Email :
Website :

Fundar (Center for Analysis and Research)

FUNDAR, Center for Analysis and Research is an independent, interdisciplinary, non-partisan and horizontal organization working to advance substantive democracy since 1999. FUNDAR’s work on budget analysis is organised into two focus areas: Monitoring of Public Spending and Governance and Human Rights. The majority of the centre’s work is in Spanish, but some publications are available in English.

Address: Popotla 96-5 Tizapán San Angel, C.P. 01090, México D.F.
Phone/Fax : (52-55) 95 26 43 / 56 81 08 55
Email: fundar AT


Women’s Centre for Democracy and Human Rights is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit organisation based in Subotica, Serbia and Montenegro, and founded in 2000. Its mission is to develop democratic society, rule of law and respect for human rights through education, advocacy and research. Our goals are:
- Development of democratic society based on human rights, gender equity and social justice;
- Elimination of discrimination of all kinds;
- Advancement of development and globalisation models and actions based on a human rights approach that facilitates equitable distribution of resources;
- Improvement of the economic and social positions of women and other marginalized groups in society and of their inclusion in politics and economic decision making at all levels; and
- Transformation of human rights and women’s rights issues into political issues.


International Budget Project (IBP)

The International Budget Project was formed within the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in 1997 to nurture the growth of civil society capacity to analyze and influence government budget processes, institutions and outcomes. The IBP is interested particularly in working with those organizations that focus on the impact of the budget on poor and low-income people in developing countries or new democracies. The group provides training and assistance and also participates in the monitoring of budget transparency.

Address: International Budget Project of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities 820 First Street, NE Suite 510 Washington, DC 20002
Phone: 202 408 1080
Fax: 202 408 8173
Email: info AT

Justice Africa

Justice Africa was founded in 1999 in London. It works with a network of organizations based in different countries in Africa, initiating and supporting civil society activities for human rights, democracy, and peace in Africa. It publishes books and papers, mainly about Sudan.

Address : 1C Leroy House, 436 Essex Road, London N1 3QP - UK
Phone: +44 (0) 207 354 8400
Fax: +44 (0) 207 354 8736
Email: enquiries AT

Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA)

Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA) is a network of over 1300 legislators from 114 parliaments engaged in a range of action-oriented initiatives that promote democracy, peace, justice and development throughout the world. It was established in 1978. Current programmes focus on peace and democracy, sustainable development and international law and human rights.

Address: Parliamentarians for Global Action, 211 East 43rd Street, Suite 1604, New York, NY 10017, U.S.A
Phone: 1-212-687-7755
Fax: 1-212-687-8409
Email: info AT

The Democracy Center

The Democracy Center works globally to advance human rights through a combination of investigation and reporting, training citizens in the art of public advocacy, and organizing international citizen campaigns. Much of their work is based in Bolivia. The campaign Human Rights First looks at the conflict of interests between world trade agreements and conventions for the protection of human rights. The Center has also produced publications on empowering citizens in the political process and monitoring public budget spending.

Address: The Democracy Center, P.O. Box 22157, San Francisco, CA 94122
Phone: 415/564 4767
Fax: 978/383 1269
Email: info AT

Think Centre

Think Centre is an independent, multi-partisan political non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Singapore. The Centre aims to critically examine issues related to political development, democracy, rule of law, human rights and civil society. Think Centre’s activities include research, publishing, organising events and networking.

Address: P.O.Box 327, Jurong Point Post office, Singapore 916411
Phone: (65)9479 1906
Fax: (65)6425 0709

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