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Le portail rinoceros d’informations sur les initiatives citoyennes pour la construction d’un autre monde a été intégré au nouveau site Ritimo pour une recherche simplifiée et élargie.

Ce site ( constitue une archive des articles publiés avant 2008 qui n'ont pas été transférés.

Le projet rinoceros n’a pas disparu, il continue de vivre pour valoriser les points de vue des acteurs associatifs dans le monde dans le site Ritimo.

50 Years Is Enough

The coalition was founded in 1994 and includes over 200 U.S. grassroots, women’s, solidarity, faith-based, policy, social- and economic-justice, youth, labour and development organizations dedicated to the transformation of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The organisation aims to develop knowledge about the issues at stake, to mobilise civic groups and to promote alternative policies. Since 1998 it publishes ‘Economic Justice News’ three times a year, which analyses the impact of policies by the World Bank and the IMF.

Address: 50 Years Is Enough Network - 3628 12th St NE, Washington, DC 20017 - USA
Phone: 202-463-2265

Bretton Woods Project

The Bretton Woods Project works as a networker, information-provider, media informant and watchdog to scrutinise and influence the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF). Its website publishes briefings, news, reports and the bimonthly digest Bretton Woods Update.

Address : Hamlyn House, Macdonald Road London, N19 5PG - UK
Tel : +44 (0)20 7561 7610
Fax : +44 (0)20 7272 0899
Email : info AT
Website :

CEE Bankwatch Network

The CEE Bankwatch Network’s mission is to prevent the environmentally and socially harmful impacts of international development finance, and to promote alternative solutions and public participation. It is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) with member organisations currently from 11 countries across the central and eastern European region. The aim of the network is to monitor the activities of the international financial institutions (IFIs) which operate in the region, and to propose constructive alternatives to their policies and projects in the region.

The CEE Bankwatch Network was formally set up in 1995 and has become one of the strongest networks of environmental NGOs in central and eastern Europe. Members of the CEE Bankwatch Network are NGOs from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic and Ukraine. Bankwatch focuses mainly on energy, transport and EU enlargement, while working at the same time to promote public participation and access to information about the activities of the IFIs across our region.

Address : Jicinska 8, Praha 3, 130 00
Czech Republic
Phone : +32 2 542 01 88,
Fax : +32 2 537 55 96
Email :
Website :

Focus on the Global South

Focus on the Global South (Focus) is a non-governmental organisation with twenty staff working in Thailand, the Philippines and India. Focus was established in Bangkok in 1995 and is affiliated with the Chulalongkorn University Social Research Institute.

Focus combines policy research, advocacy, activism and grassroots capacity building in order to generate critical analysis and encourage debates on national and international policies related to corporate-led globalisation, neo-liberalism and militarisation.

Focus’s overall goals are to : dismantle oppressive economic and political structures and institutions; to create liberating structures and institutions; to promote demilitarisation and peace-building, instead of conflict. These three goals are brought together in the paradigm of deglobalisation. This term describes the transformation of the global economy from one centred around the needs of transnational corporations to one that focuses on the needs of people, communities and nations and in which the capacities of local and national economies are strengthened.

Address : CUSRI Chulalongkorn University
Wisit Prachuabmoh Building
Bangkok-10330 Thailand
Phone : 66-2-2187363-65
Fax : 66-2-2559976
Email :
Website :

FONDAD Forum on Debt and Development

FONDAD is an independent policy research centre and a forum for international discussion established in the Netherlands. Supported by a worldwide network of experts, it provides policy-oriented research on North-South issues in a globalising world, in particular international financial issues for developing countries working through research, seminars and publications.
Fondad participates on the Global Financial Governance Initiative (GFGI). The main purpose of this initiative is to make the international financial system more stable and equitable, and more attuned to the needs of developing countries. The GFGI is a joint project of institutions and experts in international finance, including FONDAD, the North-South Institute, Oxford University, IDRC and UN-ECLAC.

Address : Noordeinde 107 A, 2514 GE the Hague - The Netherlands
Phone: 31 70 365 3820
Fax: 31 70 346 3939
Email: a.bulnes AT


Created in 2004, IFIWatch Net is a network which connects organisations worldwide that monitor international financial institutions (IFIs) such as the World Bank, the IMF, and regional development banks. IFIwatchnet is not an NGO and it does not undertake monitoring or campaiging work itself, rather it supports the work undertaken by its participants.

Address: IFIwatchnet, c/o IteM, Juan Paullier 977, Montevideo 11200 - Uruguay
Phone: +598 2 412 4224
Email: info AT

International Forum on Globalization (IFG)

The IFG is a North-South research and educational institution composed of leading activists, economists, scholars, and researchers providing analyses and critiques on the cultural, social, political, and environmental impacts of economic globalization. Formed in 1994 and epresenting today over 60 organizations in 25 countries, the IFG produces numerous publications, organizes events, hosts issue-specific seminars, coordinates press conferences and media interviews at international events, and participates in other activities that focus on the myriad consequences of globalization.

Address: 1009 General Kennedy Avenue #2, San Francisco, CA 94129 - USA
Phone: 415.561.7650
Fax: 415.561.7651
Email :
Website :

Jubilee South

Formally constituted in November 1999, Jubilee South is a global South focused network of debt campaigners, social movements, people’s organizations, communities, NGOs and political formations, which campaign for the cancellation of developing countries’ debt.

Third World Network (TWN)

The Third World Network is an independent non-profit international network of organizations and individuals involved in issues relating to development, the Third World and North-South issues. Its objectives are to conduct research on economic, social and environmental issues pertaining to the South; to publish books and magazines; to organize and participate in seminars; and to provide a platform representing broadly Southern interests and perspectives at international fora such as the UN conferences and processes.

Email :
Website :

World Development Movement

Founded in 1970, World Development Movement (WDM) is a movement of individual supporters, campaigners and local groups. It lobbies decision makers to change the policies that keep people poor, it researches and promotes positive alternatives and it works alongside people in the developing world who are standing up to injustice.

Their main campaigns area currently focus on Trade, Aid and Debt, with a particular look at the consequences of privatisation of public services in developing countries. WDM produces a range of campaign resources to inform the public and lobby decision-makers and produces the quarterly magazine WDM in Action.

Address : 66 Offley Road
London, SW9 0LS
Phone : 0207 820 4900
Fax : 0207 820 4949
Contact :
Website :

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