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AZZI Diego, HARRIS David Evan

ALBA Venezuela’s answer to free trade : the Bolivarian alternative for the Americas

> Occasional Paper n°3, Focus on the Global South and Hemispherical Social Alliance, October 2006

The Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) represents the first attempt at regional integration that is not based primarily on trade liberalization but on a new vision of social welfare and equity. Alternatives are often either theoretical to the point of impracticality, or so micro that scaling up presents huge challenges. ALBA is both large-scale and, to an increasing degree, taking concrete shape. While many aspects of the project are still unrealized or only in the process of (...) read

date of on-line publication : 12 January 2007

Social Movements and Economic Integration in the Americas

> Center for Economic Justice, PDF (...)

"Social Movements and Economic Integration in the Americas" examines a rapidly growing phenomenon among civil society. This is cross-border social movements, which are educating, organizing, and advocating for new and equitable forms of regional economic integration, while pursuing social and economic change programs within each member country. The paper explores the reasons why this new model of organizing is gaining ground so steadily within today’s global political and economic context. It then explores the movements’ overarching characteristics, goals, focus areas, and programs. It looks at how the principles and forms of movement-building are evolving over time. The paper goes on to consider which of the networks’ needs are most strategic and pressing. Lastly, "Social Movements and Economic Integration in the Americas" describes nine of the most significant inter-American movements, and the work of each relative to international trade and financial policy.  read

date of on-line publication : 9 December 2005

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