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Ce site ( constitue une archive des articles publiés avant 2008 qui n'ont pas été transférés.

Le projet rinoceros n’a pas disparu, il continue de vivre pour valoriser les points de vue des acteurs associatifs dans le monde dans le site Ritimo.

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Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch: Britain, France, Germany Use Torture Intelligence

Britain, France and Germany use foreign intelligence obtained through torture in the fight against terrorism, a new report from Human Rights Watch said Tuesday. The use by three heavyweight European powers of information from secret services in countries that routinely rely on torture was damaging the reputation of the entire European Union, said the rights group. The use by three heavyweight European powers of information from secret services in countries that routinely rely on torture (...) read

date of on-line publication : 1 July 2010

The Guardian

How the volcano took out our fruit salad: UK dependence on air transport

The Icelandic ash that stopped air freight gave a hint of what a plane-free world would mean for the UK. On the outskirts of Heathrow there is a multistorey warehouse that plays a remarkable role in the eating habits of millions of people. The British Airways perishables handling centre is the arrival point for 90,000 tonnes of airfreighted fresh produce a year: everything from chopped melon and pineapple fruit salads to baby sweetcorn and asparagus. Every day these once exotic items (...) read

date of on-line publication : 20 April 2010

Activists condemn court ruling against peaceful protest against Virgin Atlantic’s push for biofuels

> Rettet den Regenwald (Rainforest Rescue)

Members of Action Against Agrofuels and Plane Stupid are dismayed at today‘s court decision to fine eleven activists nearly £3000..- in total for holding banners during a peaceful protest against Virgin Atlantic‘s push for aviation biofuels on 22nd June. The eleven were arrested on 22nd June 2009 after an action at Heathrow’s Terminal Three during celebrations of Virgin Atlantic’s 25th birthday party. Activists wanted to highlight Virgin’s plans to replace conventional aviation fuel with (...) read

date of on-line publication : 5 October 2009


The wider historical context of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade

Trade in African slaves underpinned the British economy in the 18th century: the rich and powerful, the monarchy and the Church. So why was an enterprise that was so economically important ended so abruptly in the first decade of the 19th century? Hakim Adi explains... In March 2007 large-scale commemorative events were organised to mark the bi-centenary of the parliamentary act to abolish the trans-Atlantic slave trade. This unprecedented commemoration of a historical event, in which the (...) read

date of on-line publication : 26 June 2007


What to do about Myanmar

> The London Review of Books, Vol. 29 n° 3, 8 February 2007

There is an enduring myth that in 1948, when it achieved independence from Britain, Burma (Myanmar) was a rich country with every reason to expect a bright future and that the policies and practices of the military government are alone to blame for today’s miseries. It is beyond dispute that many of these policies and practices have been disastrous. But there is a deeper history of misfortune which needs to be understood. At independence, Burma was a country devastated by war, with a (...) read

date of on-line publication : 8 February 2007

World Development Movement

Dirty aid, dirty water : the UK government’s push to privatise water and sanitation in poor countries

> February 2005, 73 p, (pdf)

As part of their campaign, Dirty aid, dirty water, World Development Movement exposes the actions of the UK government to privatise water and sanitation in poor countries. This report gives an introduction to privatisation of water, the reasons for its failure, the UK’s involvement in private ventures and its use of consultants which favour privatisation. Finally the report proposes workable alternatives in the context of the Millenium Development Goals. Read the whole report on Dirty aid, (...) read

date of on-line publication : 8 November 2005

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