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Le portail rinoceros d’informations sur les initiatives citoyennes pour la construction d’un autre monde a été intégré au nouveau site Ritimo pour une recherche simplifiée et élargie.

Ce site ( constitue une archive des articles publiés avant 2008 qui n'ont pas été transférés.

Le projet rinoceros n’a pas disparu, il continue de vivre pour valoriser les points de vue des acteurs associatifs dans le monde dans le site Ritimo.


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InfoChange News & Features

1.5 lakh workers protest food inflation on Delhi’s streets

Trade unions organised a march to Parliament and a rally to protest food inflation which stands at 11.05%. An estimated 1.5 lakh workers marched on the streets of Delhi and attended a rally on February 23, 2011, protesting increasing food prices and unemployment. The protesters marched to Parliament waving red flags, chanting slogans and carrying banners calling on the government to provide food security. ‘Prices will now kill the common man’, read one banner. The protests were led by trade (...) read

date of on-line publication : 1 March 2011

Giant salmon will be first GM animal available for eating

A salmon that grows at twice the normal rate is set to be the first genetically modified (GM) animal available for human consumption. Usually Atlantic salmon do not grow during the winter and take three years to fully mature. But by implanting genetic material from an eel-like species called ocean pout that grows all year round, US scientists have managed to make the fish grow to full size in 18 months. They hope that the sterile GM salmon can offer an efficient and safe way to breed (...) read

date of on-line publication : 1 July 2010

The Guardian

How the volcano took out our fruit salad: UK dependence on air transport

The Icelandic ash that stopped air freight gave a hint of what a plane-free world would mean for the UK. On the outskirts of Heathrow there is a multistorey warehouse that plays a remarkable role in the eating habits of millions of people. The British Airways perishables handling centre is the arrival point for 90,000 tonnes of airfreighted fresh produce a year: everything from chopped melon and pineapple fruit salads to baby sweetcorn and asparagus. Every day these once exotic items (...) read

date of on-line publication : 20 April 2010

One quarter of US grain crops fed to cars - not people, new figures show

One-quarter of all the maize and other grain crops grown in the US now ends up as biofuel in cars rather than being used to feed people, according to new analysis which suggests that the biofuel revolution launched by former President George Bush in 2007 is impacting on world food supplies. Read more read

date of on-line publication : 5 February 2010


FAO Summit: No new alternative for facing hunger

The human rights organization FIAN criticizes the final declaration of the World Summit on Food Security as a document that presents no new alternative for facing hunger and promoting the right to food. Read more read

date of on-line publication : 23 November 2009

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