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Ce site ( constitue une archive des articles publiés avant 2008 qui n'ont pas été transférés.

Le projet rinoceros n’a pas disparu, il continue de vivre pour valoriser les points de vue des acteurs associatifs dans le monde dans le site Ritimo.

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Common Dreams

The Campaign to Privatize the World

> By David Macaray

One of the biggest con games going on at the moment is the sustained attack on the U.S. public school system. It’s being perpetrated by predatory entrepreneurs (disguised as “concerned citizens” and “education reformers”) hoping to persuade the parents of school-age children that the only way their kids are going to get a decent education is by paying for something that they can already get for free. You might say it’s the same marketing campaign that launched bottled water. The profit impulse (...) read

date of on-line publication : 20 April 2012

Daily Nation

Be ready for war, warns Gbagbo as Ecowas plans visit by Presidents

Cote d’Ivoire strongman Laurent Gbagbo today appeared bent on clinging to power, warning West African leaders any attempt to oust him could ruin the regional economy and trigger civil war. On Tuesday, three West African presidents will visit Abidjan in a bid to convince the defiant 65-year-old leader to step down, a last-ditch plea that comes backed by a threat of military intervention. But Mr Gbagbo, who claims to have won last month’s presidential election, is in no mood to stand aside (...) read

date of on-line publication : 10 January 2011

Southern African NGO Network (SANGONeT)

2009 Elections in South Africa: The People Have Spoken

> Butjwana Seokoma

South Africans withstood low temperatures in some parts of the country to join queues to cast their votes in South Africa’s fourth democratic elections on 22 April 2009. For many, the long queues at many of the approximately 19 000 polling stations brought back memories of 1994 when they participated in the country’s first democratic elections. Unlike the 1999 and 2004 elections which were characterised by voter apathy, 2009 will be remembered for the interest and participation of young (...) read

date of on-line publication : 4 May 2009

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