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Labour Assembly: Southern Trade Unions’ Voice on Global Economic & Social Crisis

> November 9, 2010, Seoul, Koren

Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) Central Única**dos Trabalhadores(CUT-Brazil) Korean Confederation of Trade Unions ** G20, a group of the 20 largest economies in the world designated itself as a center to defeat the global crisis. However, the solution given by the G20 is to keep stable the world system in which the profit is maximized thorough jobless growth and sacrifice of labour. People have lost their jobs and wages with the excuse of the (...) read

date of on-line publication : 3 November 2010

In these times

Post-Election, Embattled Iraqi Labor Movement Still Struggles for Rights

The elections in Iraq in March brought unexpected twists in the country’s chaotic political narrative, reflecting growing complexity in the electorate as well as the balkanized nature of Iraq’s religious and ethnic landscape. Since no party won a decisive majority, it may be months before the new government takes shape, as members of Parliament hammer out tenuous coalitions. While myriad civil society movements had a stake in the election, notably absent from mainstream electoral battles was (...) read

date of on-line publication : 28 April 2010


US: With 2.4 Million Jobs Lost to China, New Trade Agreement Battle Begins

Concern about massive jobs losses due to unfair Chinese trade practices is reshaping the American political battle lines over trade, with labor winning new and sometimes unlikely supporters in its fight for stronger policies to protect American workers. Read more read

date of on-line publication : 27 March 2010


Ten Ways to Protect Undocumented Migrant Workers

> October 19, 2005, PDF, 118pp. (...)

This report analyses the socio-economic and political forces that create and maintain the presence of undocumented migrant workers in Europe. This analysis provides the backdrop for considering what rights should be granted to undocumented migrant workers. The situation in various economic sectors in Europe is analysed, and issues such as the protection of victims of forced labor and the problems associated with regularization campaigns are presented. The report highlights the role played by social inspectors, trade unions and NGOs in protecting undocumented migrant workers, and offers recommendations for specific policy measures.  read

date of on-line publication : 14 November 2005

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