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As major new challenges like climate change and escalating religious conflict threaten our common future, people from around the world are coming together to take global politics into their own hands. (the name means "Voice" or "Song" in several languages including Hindi, Urdu and Farsi) is a community of global citizens who take action on the major issues facing the world today. The aim is to ensure that the views and values of the world’s people - and not just political elites and unaccountable corporations - shape global decisions. members are taking action for a more just and peaceful world and a vision of globalization with a human face.

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ACTA - Time to Win!

In days, the European Commission will try a last ditch attempt to revive ACTA. But we can shine a light on their dirty trick and foil their plans. Governments are turning their back on ACTA one by one, so the EC is asking their Court of Justice to give the treaty the greenlight and renew its momentum — but they plan to manipulate the process by giving the court only a narrow, uncontroversial question to consider, hoping it will lead to a positive outcome. We can push the court to see (...) read

date of on-line publication : 23 March 2012

El 99% alza su voz

El movimiento "indignado" está que arde en todo el planeta y está logrando impulsar una transformación radical en la forma en que pensamos sobre nuestros sistemas políticos. Y hay una pregunta en la mente de todos: ¿qué hace falta para que este movimiento gane? Desde Nueva York a Londres, políticos y policías han sido comprados para que protejan los intereses corporativos . Y así, están usando la fuerza para desalojar de los lugares públicos a los manifestantes pacíficos, a la vez que buscan (...) leer

Fecha de publicación : 28 de noviembre de 2011

Russia: Stop Syria’s horror hospitals

The Syrian regime has reached a new low — its death squads are using ambulances and hospitals to lure and kill wounded protesters. But Russia, Syria’s key backer and arms supplier, could bring an end to this carnage. There are two governments that can influence Russia — Turkey and Germany — both of them support the Syrian democracy protesters and have strong ties with Russia. If we call on them to act now, they could weigh in behind mounting regional pressure and push Russian President (...) read

date of on-line publication : 24 October 2011

Australie : le nouveau grand espoir pour le climat

Un combat majeur pour le climat fait rage en ce moment en Australie — le gouvernement est sur le point de promulguer une loi qui réduirait les émissions de CO2 et ferait payer la note aux pollueurs. Mais de grands industriels, soutenus par Rupert Murdoch, tentent de faire enterrer ce projet de loi. Cette loi instaurant un prix du CO2 est une mesure "gagnant-gagnant" : elle incitera les industries sales à produire proprement et taxera les pollueurs, ce qui génèrera plus de ressources pour les (...) lire

date de mise en ligne : 12 septembre 2011

EU: sanction Syrian oil now!

For months, Syria’s brutal President Assad has paid henchmen to wage war on his own people. Governments across the world have condemned these atrocities, but key European leaders could cut off the cash flow that finances this bloodbath. Germany, France and Italy are the three main importers of Syrian oil. If they move to impose immediate EU sanctions, Assad’s slaughter funds will dry up. Assad has ignored political appeals for him to rein in his assault, and EU leaders have discussed ramping (...) read

date of on-line publication : 16 August 2011

Pakistan Floods: Stand with the People!

A humanitarian catastrophe of terrifying proportions is unfolding in Pakistan, with a fifth of the country under water, and millions of people homeless and desperately needing assistance. Some relief efforts are underway, but the international response to the mega-disaster has been irresponsibly slow and weak — the UN has urgently appealed for $460 million of vital aid, but just 60% has been committed. Relief workers warn that without an immediate increase in aid the death toll could (...) read

date of on-line publication : 30 August 2010

Gaza: investigate the raid, end the blockade

Israel’s deadly raid of the Gaza humanitarian flotilla has sparked worldwide outrage. This time, we can’t accept mere words from our leaders. It’s time for action. This petition will be delivered to the UN and world leaders when it reaches 200,000 signatures — sign on to join the global call for truth, accountability, and justice for Gaza! Read more read

date of on-line publication : 3 June 2010

Salve o código florestal brasileiro

1 de junho, deputados da bancada ruralista tentarão destruir o Código Florestal Brasileiro, reduzindo drasticamente as áreas de proteção ambiental e legalizando o desmatamento. Caso aprovadas, essas emendas terão um impacto devastador no Brasil e no mundo. Por de trás desta manobra política está o lucro e expansão do agronegócio, quase sempre responsável pela desigualdade no campo, desmatamento e violência rural. Nós sabemos que se nos unirmos, nossa voz é poderosa. Assine a petição para salvar o (...) ler

esse artigo foi colocado on-line em : 30 de Maio de 2010

No more offshore drilling!

A disastrous oil spill is gushing as much as 2,500,000 gallons of crude a day into the Gulf of Mexico. Before the spill, U.S. leaders were ramping up offshore drilling. Now, the Obama administration says no new drilling will be allowed until an investigation is concluded. But that’s not enough: offshore drilling is dirty, dangerous, and the wrong strategy for a safe climate future for all. The world needs the US to move away from oil, and work with us instead to drive forward the global (...) read

date of on-line publication : 30 May 2010

Alimentos transgénicos: primero la evidencia

Por primera vez en 12 años, la Comisión Europea acaba de aprobar diversos cultivos genéticamente modificados, dando prioridad a las ganancias de los grupos de presión relacionados con los cultivos transgénicos por encima de las preocupaciones ciudadanas. El 60% de los europeos creen que es necesaria más información fiable antes de permitir el cultivo de productos que podrían amenazar nuestra salud y nuestro medioambiente. Pero una nueva iniciativa permite que un millón de ciudadanos europeos (...) leer

Fecha de publicación : 30 de marzo de 2010

OGM : établissons d’abord les faits

La Commission Européenne vient d’autoriser la culture d’organismes génétiquement modifiés (OGM) pour la première fois depuis 12 ans, plaçant les profits du lobby OGM avant les préoccupations sanitaires des citoyens. Pourtant 60% des Européens estiment que nous avons besoin de plus d’informations avant de cultiver des plantes qui pourraient menacer notre santé et l’environnement. Une nouvelle initiative donne à 1 million de citoyens européens une chance unique de déposer officiellement des propositions (...) lire

date de mise en ligne : 30 mars 2010

GM foods: facts not crops

The European Commission has just approved growing genetically modified crops for the first time in 12 years, putting the GM lobby’s profits over public concerns — 60% of Europeans feel we need more information before growing foods that could threaten our health and environment. A new initiative allows 1 million EU citizens a unique chance to make official requests of the European Commission. Let’s build a million voices for a ban on GM foods until the research is done. To the President of (...) read

date of on-line publication : 22 March 2010

¡ Basta ya a la brutalidad de Mugabe en Zimbabwe !

Los desesperados intentos de Robert Mugabe para quedarse en el poder están destruyendo a Zimbabwe. Sus violentos ataques contra los líderes de la oposición democrática deben parar inmediatamente. Firma la petición y pide a los principales socios comerciales de Zimbabwe, la Union Europea y Sudáfrica, que endurezcan las sanciones contra Mugabe y otros dirigentes de su régimen leer

Fecha de publicación : 22 de marzo de 2007

End Mugabe’s brutality in Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe’s desperate attempts to cling on to power are plunging Zimbabwe into ever greater chaos. His attacks on democratic opposition leaders must end now. Sign the petition to urge that Zimbabwe’s two main trading partners, South Africa and the European Union, adopt and enforce tougher sanctions targeting Mugabe and his top aides read

date of on-line publication : 14 March 2007

Block the escalation in Iraq !

Just when we thought the war in Iraq couldn’t get any worse, it has. On January 10th, President Bush rejected reality, spurned the American people’s verdict, and announced his new policy : military escalation in Iraq. The newly elected United States Congress has the power to stop this madness, but it’s critical to show immediate, unified opposition from the international community. After years of failed occupation, it’s clear to everyone but George Bush that the US cannot solve this civil (...) read

date of on-line publication : 12 January 2007

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